Wootton Guitars
Old World Build — New World Sound
RUSS WOOTTON builds fine small-bodied acoustic guitars. The inspiration is from the American tradition of steel-strung guitars but the construction process is that of the top classical and Spanish luthiers.

" That rare quality of both a singing treble and warm bass and midrange. "

Muriel Anderson, USA National Fingerpicking Guitar Champion

The Build

While the soundboard design is developed from the X-bracing first introduced by Martin in 1850, the building method uses assembly techniques only possible in small scale production. This involves the rigid 'straight through' neck-to-body join of classical guitar construction. This method, because it has such great structural integrity, produces the best acoustic response and also ensures the future stability of the instrument

...... old world build

The Sound

Characteristically Wootton guitars are highly responsive over the whole length of the fingerboard, are very balanced across the strings, and have superb clarity and projection

...... new world sound